From:Marc-Andre Smieja
Date:30.1.01 22:24
Subject:Re: ColdFusion templates
  • 30.1.01 20:26 Mats Stromberg
    ColdFusion templates
  • > Does anyone know of a way to fool Imperia to send an .cfm template
    > instead of an .htm template from the developer server to the live
    > server.
    This should´nt be a big problem. (i hope).
    Choose the menu option sitemanagement (or whatever its called in the
    english version...) which is a sub-option of Systemadministration.
    You can acces directly by calling ''. Near the
    end of this page you can chosse a) which is the name of the
    'default-filename' and just below which copies should be published too.
    BTW... you can choose this 'rename-default-file'-thing to get rid of the
    huge amounts of imperia-tags in the normaly displayed web-page :-)
    Just rename main-file e.g. somethingelsethenindex.html and create a copy
    named index.html which hasnt all the unwanted tags inside. Now your
    visitors see a much leaner page while imperia has still all the infos it
    needs to work like it does.
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